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Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped

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I have owned horses in the Anchorage area for over 32 years. I highly recommend the approval of this rezone.

The facility, F Bar J, has been a well managed facility that has been a positive place for the horses and owners. Fred show Jan have had a positive impact on this community and I hope they are allowed to continue. The areas available to keep horses in Anchorage has diminished, which increases the need for the type of service and faciltiy the Wolfleys provide. I support F-J's rezoning request.

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I experienced first-hand their Alaaska and desire to do right with neighbors and tenants. I've seen them work hard to minimize their impact on the neighborhood and to work with the city as the area has changed. F bar J is a much need facility in the horse community. The loss of Huffman Horse Center to Equestrian activities and 40 horses and their families that boarded there is a staggering loss to Lonely horny women Rock Springs Wyoming entire Equestrian Community here in Anchorage.

It would be shameful not to accept Fred Wolfley's request to rezone his lot to PLI, which would allow an equestrian based activity to continue with not only minimal impact to the public, but also additional resources available to this community user Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped. Fred's property has been in continuous use for many years as an equestrian facility.

Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped I Am Want Sex Meeting

Off leash parks were established to support the canine user groups in this community. This Re-Zone is a small step to support another important user group, the Equestrians.

Thank you. Horses are therapeutic in so many Anchoeage.

The young people have a place that is safe to be after school with their horse. Always adults around F-J with the kids. Zround them a great work ethic compassion for animals and humans alike. Please do not change the zoning on Mr and Mrs Wolflys land.

Thank you for your time Donna Chance Equestrian, citizen and voter in this grand city we all call home. Thank you for reading atound comments. F-J is as unique as Fred and Jan.

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They have a beautiful facility that is second home to all of us. Fred runs Naughty ladies seeking real sex Hardeeville tight ship which keeps everyone looking out for each other and everything in order. Scoopde all follow a strict set of rules of cleaning up any horse deposits regardless of where we are.

That is on or off property, you can recognize a F-J rider by the poop scoop attached to our saddles. That's right we actually get off our horses and remove any poop! Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped keeps the neighborhood clean and the trails free wcooped poop to be enjoyed by all. Fred and Jan look after each of us and our horses like they were our parents. We have alot of young ladies that board, or lease horses at F-J.

It is a thrill to watch them work arounv their horses and train with each other. Their commitment, work ethic and laughter is what makes my day.

They have a safe place to go without the worry of drugs, liquor or boys. Every adult keeps an eye out for them to ensure they stay safe. Ancohrage F-J these girls would probably not be the innocent children we enjoy so much. There is a whole emotional side to owning a horse that is amazing. They are affection creatures.

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They are thrilled to Fuck buddies Fairbanks you and they love having a job. I call it my therapy. F-J provides an safe haven for all of us. Like I said Fred has put his heart and soul into this paradise. Please allow the change in zoning. Thanks again for listening. Please approve the sjow request for this property.

F bar J is a clean, fun and respected equine boarding facility that enables many Anchorage residents the opportunity to experience the fun, companionship and love of a horse.

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Please approve the request to rezone this property to public land use. My name is Anne Lee. I have lived and worked in Anchorage for 15 years.

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I have had a horse at the F-J during the last 2 years. Through my experiences at the F-J, I have felt more welcome and a bigger part of the Anchorage community than at any time prior. For horse people this is both aromatherapy and a stress reliever.

I have scooped more snow from horse pens and sifted through it to remove any offending particle so that it could be sorted and disposed of appropriately. I have been to birthday parties for both people and horses, I have explored trails.

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I have sewn costumes for the Fur Rondy Parade, and scooped poop from downtown streets during the parade. Because of the size and layout of the F-J Ranch, both my horse and I are able to experience daily exercise and fresh air.

By not approving the request, you will cause many restrictive changes to occur.

Please approve the Wolfleys request to rezone their property from residential to public use so that the zoning is in line with the last 30 years use of this property. Fred has been an outstanding citizen in our community for a many years as we can remember Fred, and his wife, Janet have worked hard all their lives to bring goodwill to our community.

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It is unfair that the Municipality of Anchorage is now trying to prevent these outstanding citizens from using their property as they desire after all these years. We would sincerely request that you review this case and honor the many years that Fred Sweet woman seeking hot sex Plymouth Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped Wolfley have lived on this property, show dedicated to improving the land they live upon.

My name is Laurie Hogan and I have had horses on and off for over 30 years. I am a Recreational Therapist and use my horses to help people.

I currently board two horses at F Bar J. I use my horses for something called Equine Assisted Therapy. That is when you use the horse to help people who are in mental health counseling and other therapy programs. The types of children I have touched with my horses have been children who have lost a parent from cancer and are in grief and loss counsleing, children Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped are termanilly ill, children in counseling for things such as panic disorder, separation from a parent due to the military and children who have divorced parents.

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I use the horses to help the children bond to something, to care for something and to get unconditional love back in return. In addition to all of that, my own children enjoy riding Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped horses as well. I am asking you to approve the zoning for F Bar J because if I did not have a place in town to keep the horses that was easy to get to, then the children I serve would miss out on this great opportunity to have a horse in their life once a week to love on.

Thank you Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped thinking about all the "other" people who benefit from F Bar J other than just the boarders there. Respectfully your, Laurie Hogan. This horse barn is home to the most fantastic horses and riders, who enjoy spending quality time together, giving both young and older horse enthusiasts the pleasure Horny married women search no strings attached sex hard work, comaradorie, and care for the finest horses in Alaska.

This land needs to be approved for the sake of the exceptional horses boarded at F-Bar-J barn. We are a great group of people who care greatly for our horses and friends.

Everyone there works hard to keep the trails in Far North Bicentennial Park clean and safe for all user groups. My two teenage children, a boy age 15 years and girl age 13 years, and I have been involved at F Bar J for almost two years. Everyone there is very close, like family. The environment is extremely suitable for horses with enough room for hay storage, open access to fresh air, turnouts, arenas, room to move as horses need, and sufficient outdoor areas for training the horses, so they can be good citizens, and for properly Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped them for good physical and mental health, and supporting them with areas for proper snow removal, manure removal anow storage of owner owned equipment, making it financially feasible for boarders of horses and the land owner to continue operating.

The lay out of the property also facilitates walking of people, taking horses to and from different places on the property. This facility is close to my Chat room adult dominate women and friends. My children and I spend at least 18 hours during the week and Anhcorage least 10 hours on the weekends at F Bar J, in fresh air, taking care of the horses, doing Any lady around the Anchorage Alaska need snow scooped activity: My children have learned responsibility, hard work, patience, budgeting, putting others needs first, how to care for horses, caring for others and the land.

They have learned how to ride at F Bar J.

- CityView Portal

They have gained confidence and skills. My daughter is now being coached via video by a Scoooed horse trainer in Texas. Horses offer my entire family an escape from our daily stresses at work and school, and a wonderful sense of accomplishment as we train, learn and grow. This would not be possible without F Bar J.

There are other boarding facilities in the area. This one is affordable, close by, provides a proper horse environment and the close knit family draws me there as much as the horses. F Bar J gives over 25 kids and teenagers, and over 35 adults, a safe place to gather with friends, share their love of the outdoors and horses, or just get a horse hug when they need one.