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Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Author's infos Gender: Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey Sat 8th of September Report. Font size: Constructive critism always seekks. Negitive comments can be kept to yourself. Ben receives a call while on the road to meet his new college slaves. He has the listings of houses that Liz prepared for him. The phone call is from the head of the mercenaries Fuck place in Auburn Maine that the first shipment will be arriving in two weeks for his approval.

They drive to Tuscaloosa and check in to the hotel.

They call Leslie, Laura and Kaitlin and tell them what room Lonely horny wives in Dickinson, Texas, 77539 are in. Caucasina is going to come over in a couple of hours after Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey last class, Kaitlin in the morning she doesn't have classes and Laura will come over the next day.

Leslie arrives at the room, she walks through the door and immediately undresses and tells her Master and Mistress that she misses them. Becky kisses her and then takes her over to her new master. Leslie reacts by bucking Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey hips and purring like a cat. Becky walks over and gets on the bed and straddles Leslie's face and Leslie starts to suck on her pussy.

Becky looking at Ben with a smile as she is starting to really enjoy her slaves ministrations. Ben has a mouthful of Leslie's cum in his mouth and gets on Caucasisn of her and kisses her deep with an open mouth.

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He pushes her cum into her mouth while they suck on each others tongues. He then starts down her body kissing her neck then sucking on her nipples. He pumps her pussy tapping her cervix but not going goney, he retreats a little and then Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey to pump. They fuck for over two hours until he exits her pussy and cums on her mouth almost over filling it. Becky then kisses Ben and then Leslie.

Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey

The two share their Master's cum. The fuck the rest of the day. After they have Chinese food delivered and have finished eating it they lay down in the bed and discuss their future.

Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey Tuscalkosa have any brothers or sisters? Her name is Laurie. Her eyes Free phone sex chat Bournemouth blue Tuuscaloosa my father's. He is really nice to us. He corrects us when we make mistakes but he never abuses us. He loves my mother, I sometimes hear them fucking when my sister is away at a friends house.

She hasn't had any boyfriend's that I know of. I will call them and setup a time for you to meet them if you want.

Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey

Master, are you going to make my sister one of your slaves also? I want to meet with Marty in three days and then Mary on the fourth day.

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I will have them send the bills to me of course. Would you like me to make your sister my slave?

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I would bring her down here if I did. I will tell her how good of lover you are. I am in love with you Ben not your enormous cock.

You make me feel special, warm and loved.

Leslie shows her Master and Mistress a picture of her family from her phone. Would your parents like to join us? I want to fly up and meet them when finals are over, where in Michigan are you from?

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My parents are originally from Chicago. Neither of my parents, parents are alive. She turns over and lifts her ass up and separates her ass checks. Becky goes and gets the anal cream.

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She pushes back and Ben smiles. Sfeks long deep strokes he starts pumping in and out of her sweet ass. Leslie grunts encouraging words to her Master and lover as he continues to plow her ass. They sleep Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey that night, three lovers snuggling together. The next morning she kissed Becky and Ben awake, told both of them that she loved them. I Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Philadelphia Pennsylvania suppose to go back to Michigan in two weeks, will you come up and meet my mam.

I am going to be looking at houses this week for the three of you to live in while you are down here at college.

Caucasiqn Somewhere we can meet without going to an hotel. Ben gets out of Leslie's ass with a pop, he kisses her and goes to the bathroom, when he comes back he watches Leslie and Becky make out. Ben comes back to bed and gets in between his girls, both pregnant one more obvious than the other.

The start licking and Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey on the shaft and then lick the head. I know Master naal you and you to Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey partners. Trying to feel where her desires are. If you want me to be with another man, I will obey your orders. They laugh and they hear a knocking at the door. Becky gets her robe on and looks through the peep hole. She turns and smiles at the two Tuscxloosa in bed and then opens the door and lets in Eseks.

Kaitlin walks through the door and when it closes she strips, she kisses Becky hello and then goes Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Perrysburg her Master. Ben pulls her up to his face and licks her shaven pussy.

You gave yourself so completely to me in Hawaii.

He turns his little lover over and makes love to her sweet and gentle. He is careful not to penetrate her cervix, He lets out a moan and then a torrent of semen comes out.

I hope she likes you. I want my family to be together, you and Becky are as much my family as Beth is. I love Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey aunt she took me in and cared for me, seekz I am in love with you Ben.

I love you with all my heart.

I want to be a good wife to you, just like Becky does. Becky and Kaitlin kiss passionately. I wish I could stay like this for the rest of our lives Kaitlin Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey to Ben and Becky. As she does anall Becky starts to eat Kaitlin's pussy, after a short time Kaitlin climaxes into Becky's mouth.

Becky then sticks her tongue as deep as she can inside Kaitlin's pussy.

Kaitlin feels her tongue and she starts to clamp down on it and rock her hips. She works his cock for a Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey thirty minutes before he comes down her throat and into her stomach.

Ben asks her how she is doing with the pregnancy and that he is going to take her, Augusta-richmond local sluts and Laura to the doctors on Monday. He has setup an appointment and an account that will be billed directly to him.

He wants them to make regular appointments every month to see the doctor and make sure everything is Free Chattanooga adult sex. Ben rubs her belly and tells her that giving him a child is the most precious gift that she could ever give him.

Ben tells Kaitlin that this weekend the five of them are going to look at Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey in the region so that they can all live together and that when he comes down to visit them he has a place to stay without prying eyes. He lays there with her as Becky gets off the bed and goes to the bathroom and comes back and snuggles with her husband on his other side.

I was thinking about becoming a nurse. I could look at nursing schools in Birmingham that way I could be closer to the two of you.

And yes I do love both of you and Ben Jr. They lay there in bed for a good four hours talking, Kaitlin show Ben a picture of Aunt Beth and they both say she is beautiful.

I would like to meet her at Christmas at the Mansion. I want Caucasian man seeks Tuscaloosa anal honey spend the holidays with all of my family. Ben replies. I called her and told her that I was marrying her father and she already knew from the moment she saw us together. I love Becky more than life itself. I love you Lonely fat women Cedar Rapids Iowa but it is just a little different.