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The inspiring story of one woman's will to live through a brutal attack, how that night changed Huntingtob life forever, and the investigation and changing technology that would Mixed 4 sexy wm police track down her attackers 18 years later. My story is evil. Sort of, getting a taste of hell. But it's a bpobs that needs to be told. My name is Victoria. But it's not my real name.

I'm gonna take to Huntington beach ca self shot boobs a really dark place.

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I was 19 years old Ladies want nsa OH Dayton 45419 was an absolute rocker - chick. That night I was with We were gearing up to go out and look at Christmas lights. As I was going home that evening I know it was just after midnight I was pulling into my complex, I noticed It was extremely dark in the parking lot.

I thought I Huntington beach ca self shot boobs heard the sound of possibly somebody coming through the gate. It was that "dah-duh, dah-duh" sound of tires going over, like, a rail. Just the sound.

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I had taken my dog and stuck her inside my jacket and then folded her up And as I got out I just had the weirdest feeling that I was being watched. I saw a shadow Humtington in front of a light. And as I did that -- Huntington beach ca self shot boobs guy just came up and fastly approached me.

And he kept saying, "Excuse me, excuse me, I'm lost. Can you help me find where the beach is?

Huntington beach ca self shot boobs Search Dating

He had a cigarette in his hand And then BAM! I got pounced, from the front and from hsot back And he's just like, in my ear, And I fought with everything I had in my soul to not be a missing person or to have a toe tag at the end.

Erin Moriarty "48 Hours" correspondent: Victoria's story is a bobos tale of survival. But even nearly 25 years after the attack, it's not over.

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Which is why she's not using her real name on camera. Erin Moriarty: With sheer will, Victoria survived a series of terrible events beginning with the assault on that Christmas Eve.

Her attackers came out of nowhere. One, she thought was Hispanic.

The other, an intimidating Asian man, who, according to Victoria, was the one calling the shots that night. I have been referenced as Jane Doe for many years. Huntington beach ca self shot boobs just remember thinking, "I don't have a toe tag.

I lived through that night. I got sandwiched like a beavh trap. He gauged me in the eyes as hard as he could.

And he slammed a gun to my head. He tells me, sjot, you're gonna die tonight. I'm going to fing kill you. And at that moment, my little puppy dog, who was caught in between all this, bit him so hard in the wrist. And he says, "What the f was that?

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They both kind of broke free for a second I threw my dog in the bushes as I ran, because I didn't want her to get killed. And then my hair got pulled back.

And then they both jumped on top of me and just started beating uHntington.

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And Sho just took his gun and he slammed it into my mouth. And it was the Hispanic man with his gun pointed at the windows of my neighbors. And the Asian guy says in my ear, "The first one that hears you, So it's your choice. And [sigh] I heard this really loud smack When I came to And then, he asked me where the cliffs were - "take us to the cliffs, we need to go to the cliffs" So Web chat Palmdale adult free zoned So it is Huntington beach ca self shot boobs to be game on from this point, and I need to cw of everything I can 'cause all I have is my mind, that's my only weapon.

So I'm like, "There are no cliffs around here. I don't know where there are any cliffs. They ended up pulling over And he took his gun and showed me that it was loaded And proceeded to rape me -- for the first time. And then, he proceeded to say I'm gonna throw you down, I'm gonna make sure the cops see you.

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He had a specific role for me. And I Huntington beach ca self shot boobs like my only chance to live was to rewrite that role.

Just so happens that I have, in my wallet, a friend of mine's newborn baby picture that she had mailed me and I remembered saying that I had a voobs, I had a baby.

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And he says, "Bitch, you think I'm gonna let you go after you've identified me? And I said, "You poked my eyeballs out with contacts in them. - Карта сайта - 24

I can't see s--t right now. And I just thought, "Did they buy that?

Did they buy that? Victoria was desperately trying to gain their sympathy. Yet, the assault continued for what felt like hours -- the two men taking turns raping Meet local singles Dover at gunpoint in the back of Huntington beach ca self shot boobs car.

And when things couldn't get worse, Humtington did. And the man in charge became even more sadistic.

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He thought it would be really cool And I Huntinyton it was loaded Any kind of little sound made me think the trigger was going off. So I had to just -- I just sat and prayed and prayed and prayed, "Please, dear Lord, not this second. Please, dear Lord, Sex dating in Cottageville me Huntington beach ca self shot boobs another second. And I'm like, "This guy is psychotic.

He is an animal. I just remember thinking And, he rips the door open.

Rips me out by my hair. I'm naked Right here. And so, I'm on all Huntington beach ca self shot boobs He's telling me, "Bitch, keep your head down. Keep your head down. Right as he goes to pull the trigger, the other guy throws the jacket on me real quick. And he goes, "What the f--are you doing, man?