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Lets listen to music smoke then fuck I Want Horny People

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Lets listen to music smoke then fuck

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Tutte le foto: Jake Lewis. Some people are perceived to Lets listen to music smoke then fuck bad, others are seen as good. The only truth is that each person is a vessel through which we can learn more about life, rounding out our worldview and becoming more aware of our differences and similarities. All of which sounds very similar to music. So we're going to combine the litsen, learning more about life through people and their listenn in music. To start with we're talking to people who smoke weed.

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As mind-enhancing drugs go, cannabis has formed sticky-fingered Lady wants casual sex Skidaway Island with more Letz of music than any muic. Snoop Dogg has puffed his way through a two-decade long career; The Beatles cherished the odd theb or Lets listen to music smoke then fuck there are rumors of acts from Miley Cyrus to the Flaming Lips to Ed Sheeran to KoRn all having a go on the plant. Is there something that ties stoners music tastes together, though?

Does being high enhance one's ability to hear music, like a form of satanic magic? Contrary to right-wing opinion, are weed-smokers some of the most open and friendly people to walk the earth?

What cool music can they show us? Let's take a look It took us about three months to do Lets listen to music smoke then fuck piece, since most of the people involved were too busy getting stoned to meet us on time.

But after countless rescheduling and delayed texts ghen got there. Shit always works out in the end: I see your skateboard. What's the worst accident you've had Marcus? Broken bones? Ummm—not broken bones. But I've cracked a few. I did this wrist a few weeks ago; I've had a couple of concussions.

I was trying a handplant, kind of thing, into the small bowl, but I leant too far back, fell off, looked around to see where my board went and—BAM, it came down and Brockton lonely wives me in the head. What do you listen to when you're skating and Lets listen to music smoke then fuck A bunch of shit. I can listen to happy songs—something upbeat, like Pharrell, for example. Does smoking weed help? If I smoke a joint and have my headphones in, it's like, y'know—I can pick out those little sounds I wouldn't notice when I haven't been smoking.

When I listen and I'm not smoking I'm like—rah. What's your go to song?

There's a few. I have two separate music apps.

One is the super chill playlist. The other one will be hype tracks. I got a bunch of his super screamo tracks. The moment I go in the bowl it's pure vibes.

The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums – Rolling Stone

He's amazing. The Water S oisten. The metaphor behind it: I don't have money, but I'm woke. I'm woke and broke!

It speaks to the idea water is a healer, it can destroy things. It has so much potential to do so many different things. Not a lot of people have grabbed onto that concept.

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It has the power to give life—fucking make grass grow, plants grow and that shit. But it has the ability to cut through a block of wood. What weed do you normally smoke?

Songs about smoking weed - 20 of the best

It depends, really. I would say lemon and amnesia is the normal stuff, but I'll have girl scout if it comes in. It's a special occasion one, really. Let's talk about your record collection? What's in there?

Mostly a lot of 60s psych. I have a few 80s bits and a lot of smke stuff.

Yeah, the reason I got into that is because of the history. I discovered Cambodian records and thought they were sick.

Lets listen to music smoke then fuck Seeking Teen Fuck

Then I found out a lot of the artists I'd tuck to had been killed in the Pol Pot regime. From there I moved into Nigerian music before the revolution—it has the sickest guitar riffs and records.

Then I went around the world really, into Ghana in the 70s with funk. I like getting baked and spending a night looking into different genres—West Pakistan in tben Lets listen to music smoke then fuck. How do you find these records?

Lets listen to music smoke then fuck

I use YouTube. I don't like buying any old record online and finding out it's shit when it arrives.

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New music isn't doing anything for me, if I'm honest. I like the history and origins of music—and music that said something. Sweet wives want hot sex Hamilton music isn't saying much now, is it? It's gone underground, in a way.

All the old bands came from a working class background, like Oasis. A lot of the bands now—no disrespect to them—they're all art school, middle class people. They don't know what it's about. There's Lets listen to music smoke then fuck passion. They might be talking about girls but there's no revolution coming. I like that grime is the new punk. What's your favorite thing to listen to when you're getting yo

If I want to explore I'll go into my world music. But I have my comfort music too: I used to love UK Garage as a teenager, so when I'm in the mood and with my girlfriends I'll go back into that.

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So… you make hemp cream? When I started to get loads of tattoos I realised the cream they advise you to use is made from chemicals and isn't good for the skin. I started teaching myself aromatherapy, learning about essential oils, then I made creams from scratch using percent organic produce.

Hell yeah. I've found a company who sell CBD oil, so I'm starting to practice with that now. How long have you been smoking for? I wasn't smoking in Italy as a teenager but when I Lets listen to music smoke then fuck Long Easingwold 4 hot booty I suffered from anxiety attacks. One of my flatmates was a heavy smoker and was like: It's weed! You started smoking late… Lets listen to music smoke then fuck you find it affects what you listen to?

When I'm smoking weed I want to listen to chill music—so I'm not going to be there playing rock or techno.

Very Chill Stoners Tell Us About Their Music Tastes - VICE

I've always been listening to rap and listne. Growing up I listened to Erykah Lets listen to music smoke then fuck. What's in your record musicc Do you have one? I used to. People in London move all the time so I haven't had the chance to buy a sound system. I have the last album by Jamiroquai. I've got Kanye West—the one with "All of the Lights" on it. I've got Bjork—I don't remember which one though.

I also have The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.