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Creative mode. Battle RoyaleCreative mode focuses on building, tweaking, and messing around in an open-ended sandbox. Similar to the latter game, Epic even has a simple system for sharing levels.

You can check out their creations as soon as they boot excifement Creative mode. Unfortunately, you also need to find Island Codes separate from the game online, but you can check out some starting recommendations here.

In the near future, Fortnite Creative mode players can expect an in-game Island Code system to publish any level they want. Epic qdd currently giving out Island Code permissions online to select players. YouTube and Twitter are also great choices if you already have a sizable online following.

You never know! If Epic likes your hard work and wants to contact you, you can most likely expect an employee to reach out to you over private message.

In the meantime, you can always have fun with your creations on your own. Facebook Twitter.

What Is an Island Code? Read Next Guides May 30, Guides May 30, Lists May 29, Guides May 23, May 30, May 29, May 23, Ana Valens Ana Valens is a freelance games journalist.

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