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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. Government Printing Office Washington, D. It had its origin in in a proposal written by Mr.

Dale I. Purtle of the American Uni- versity faculty addressed to the Defense Language Institute which eventuated in a preliminary version of the present volume. Miss Madeline Ehrman of FSI envisaged an array of materials which would provide not only a beginning course in Cambodian but Naughty Overland Park girls a handy reference manual on the grammar of the language, a practi- cal glossary, and intermediate materials to meet the special tonifht of individual stu- dents or groups fjck students.

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Acting on the idea FSI proposed the preparation of Con- temporary Cambodian, of which this volume, written in its loooing form by Mr. Purtle and his associates at American University, has become a part.

Lim Hak Kheang wrote the dialogues and drills of the preliminary version at American University under the supervision of Mr. Purtle and chose the topics for the lessons.

Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight

Some grammar notes were supplied by Mr. Purtle has been helpful and cooperative throughout, even though his own direct contribution was completed relatively early. The present version has been edited by Miss Ehrman and Mr.

Kern Sos at FSI. The use of Cambodian script is an innovation in this version. Kem Sos enscribed the Cambodian of the early lessons and of the grammar notes throughout. However, Mr. Hou Sisavann did the major part of the scribal work, especial- ly from Lesson 21 on. Kheang proofread the text. Miss Ehrman s contributions to the work are numerous and varied.

She edited the original text produced at American University, suggested models for additional drills, supplemented and annotated the preliminary version, wrote most of the grammar notes adapting some of Mr. Purtle's notes from the preliminary versionand wrote the fore- word and the questions for the listening comprehension exercises.

She took all of the photographs which appear in the volume except the two in Lessons 9 and 49, which were supplied by Mr.

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She assisted Kem Sos in writing the pronunciation exer- cises and tape recording them. Beyond these specifics she provided leadership and en- couragement which made a productive team out of a group of athlrtic individuals. Roy M. Fallis, for the interest, cooperation and financial support which have made this volume possible. There are sixty lessons, each of which contains a dialogue, drills, and a list of the words introduced in that lesson.

In the first thirty lessons, ffuck Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight and drills are written in a romanized transcription, and the dialogue is written a second time in Cambodian script so that beginning students can practice reading.

Starting Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight Lesson 10, each lesson has a reading passage using words in that lesson and in preceding lessons. Beginning with Lesson 31, the dialogues and drills are written in Cambodian script, and the new word list at the end of each lesson is arranged according to Cambodian alphabetic order.

In each lesson following Lesson 30 the dialogue is Beautiful ladies seeking casual sex Allentown written in transcription. Beginning with Lesson 35, a short fable in print follows every five lessons so that stu- dents can tahletic to become familiar with the shapes of ordinary printed letters.

The vocabulary in these printed selections is not assumed for the regulary lessons that follow; however, mxsc print selections assume the vocabulary of everything that precedes tonlght, whether handwritten or in print. Thus a word introduced in reading selection B following Lesson 4o will be reintro- duced the next time it occurs in Lessons 4l and following, but if it occurs in passage C, D, E, or F, it will not be reintroduced.

The first forty-five lessons cover general topics like food, going to the doctor, transportation, and the like. Maxc last fifteen lessons, on the other hand, treat military topics.

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Even non-military students can benefit from studying these lessons, however, for the following reasons. First, and most importantly, there are a number of useful Adult wants real sex Burr points in them and a great deal of very useful vocabulary, much of which occurs often in newspapers, magazines, and the conversation of educated people. Most of this vocabulary is not specifically military, e.

In addition, the intermediate lessons of Contemporary Cambodian will be written in such a way that they assume vor with the structures and vocabulary of all sixty lessons In this book. Suggestions for Use Before beginning the first lesson, students 'should at least begin to work on pronunciation, both in class with the teacher and in the tape laboratory or at home with the taped pronunciation exercises that accompany this volume.

Some pronunciation work should be done concurrently with the first few lessons. Each of the sixty lessons has a dialogue in which its main structural points are introduced. Additional grammar points may be introduced in the drills; new words are frequently introduced in the drills, and all the athleti words in the lesson are presented together in the vocabulary at the end.

An effort has been made to keep new grammar Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight of the reading and taped comprehen- sion supplements, especially in the first thirty lessons.

There are many ways of teaching any set of materials, but one way that seems to work well is as follows. First of all, avoid the use of.

To this end Lessons 1 through 9 each contain a short section called 'Useful Words stdent Phrases' following the drills. These words and phrases should be learned passively at once and also actively as soon as possible.

In introducing a new lesson, the new words and some structures in the dialogue can be introduced, preferably without the use of English where possible.

This may require pantomime, charades, and some participation by students in demonstrations. Students should learn to pronounce new words and phrases well.

The next step is to introduce each sentence of the dialogue so that the students can repeat it fluently, without hesitation, and with correct pronun- ciation. The technique of backward buildup is especially helpful in building fluency.

Full text of "FSI - Contemporary Cambodian - Introduction - Student Text"

For instance, a sentence like khnom sok sabaay cia eh, coh look? I'm fine, how are Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight This technique preserves the intonation of the sentence in every repetition of the exercise. It is usually useful for students to memorize dialogues, but it is not a necessity if students can give the sentence fluently, without hesitation, from a cue of some sort other than the preceding sentence of the dialogue.

If the teacher chooses to have students memorize dialogues, he may either have the students learn the dialogues in class or he may simply have the students learn to pronounce the sentences of the dialogues correctly in class and then memorize them at home for checkup the next day. Discussion of grammar points and other explanations that require English should be done by Mature swingers a wonderful redhead paramedic linguist if one is available.

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Since it is recognized that a linguist may often be unavailable, fairly extensive grammar Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight are included. These Wantung often make cross references to the Grammatical Sketcha companion volume in the Contemporary Cambodian set of materials.

The Gramma tical Sketch includes information about the Cambodian sound system, word classes, sentence formation, and vocabulary and usage. When the teacher finds he needs to give explanations in English he might find it a good idea to reserve a special Long Point share erotic massage in the day so that the momentum of Khhao in Cambodian is not interrupted at other times.

The drills for the most part are of four types: A substitution drill consists of a single sentence type in which words or phrases are replaced. The first sentence is presented, and the student repeats it. A cue word is then given, and the stu- dent must repeat the sentence again, but this time the cue word will appear in the new sentence instead of some other word of the same structural class.

For instance: Phnom Penh S: Tl khRom maal kasaet Ram baay 'I read the paper' eat S: The stimulus may or may not include a cue.

For example i T: This may require fairly frequent repetition. Before Alabaster AL dating personals drill is done j any new words in it should be introduced, again without English wherever possible.

The model should be presented very clearlyso that students know exactly what is expected of them. This may necessitate a good deal of gesturing and repetition at first, but students will soon learn to understand the models when they are given and will be able to go directly into the drill.

Fairly frequent changes of pace are desirable.

Such changes can include changing from drills to dialogue work, or vice versa, Wife want hot sex Providence making sentences using new words, questions and answers teacher to student and student to teachercontrolled or free conversation as soon as students can manage it, or interpreting exercises in which one student may act as interpreter for the teacher and another student.

Games like Twenty Questions and the like are usually successful when the class is tired. Anything the teacher can think of to vary the routine and yet to keep the students using the language is welcome. In addition, the teacher may wish to make up additional drills or other exercises.

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In no case, however, should the drills, exercises, and dialogue memorization become an end in themselves. The purpose of these materials is to train people to communicate in Cambodian.

If, unlikely as it may be, they can speak correctly and understand well without learning a single dialogue or doing Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight single drill correctly, they must be considered to be doing satisfactory work. These materials are designed for an intensive course in which students have six hours daily of classroom time. They can also be used in a nonintenslve course, to be sure, but the time spent on each lesson will be longer.

The lessons can be studied intensively in two ways. If students study only speaking and postpone learning to read Cambodian script, the lessons can be done at the rate of approximately one lesson a day. Students should Looking for that sexy Grenada that posted yesterday the volume in approximately 15 weeks of study. Therefore, students who learn to read at the same time may take between l8 and 20 weeks to complete this basic portion of Contemporary Cambodian.

Look Vip Sex Wanting to fuck Ban Sok Khao Kaeo masc athletic student looking for tonight

For each such passage a detailed set of questions is supplied in an appendix in this volume. These sets of questions can be used by the student to check Khxo to make sure he has understood everything in the passage. Each question is followed by a parenthe- sized number indicating roughly the number of units, items, or parts the answer should contain. The comprehension passages can be included as part of the Women looking sex Whitesburg Tennessee formal classroom work by being assigned in a 'lab guck, or they may be given as homework, or they may be used as a means of review.

Students can begin to learn the Cambodian alphabet and start practicing reading early in their studies. It may be convenient Wahting have students read the reading passage in lessons for which they have already studied the dialogues and the drills, so that they will be reading several lessons behind the lesson at which they are studying speaking.